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Welcome to our event - Electronics Recycling. Sign up for April 2, 2020 so you don’t miss out on our inspiring event at our state-of-the-art facility, Stena Nordic Recycling Center.

Future trends, legislation and electronic recycling are part of the agenda of our exciting Nordic electronic event. Experts from Stena Recycling and external keynote speakes will increase your knowledge about the journey of electronics and how hidden values can create a sustainable business.

A detailed program and more information will follow as we get closer to the event – but a sneak peak of what to expect is ready for you to see.


10:00 Welcome

10:05 Stena Nordic Recycling Center and safety

10:10 Sustainable disruption – a glimpse into the future

11:00 Electronics recycling, a future outlook

11:30 ABB creating circular material flows - in collaboration with Stena Recycling

12:10 Intro guided tour

12:15 Light lunch

12:50 Tour of the plant - see how we refine and turn metals, electronic and plastic into new raw materials 

14:30 Wrap-up tour

14:40 Where do valuable materials end up and turned into new resources and how will this affect your business?

15:10 Coffee

15:25 Future challenges and possibilities

16:00 Wrap-up the day

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I would like to book a hotel room the day before on April 1, 2020 (Hotel Continental Relax and Spa - Kungsgatan 5 SE-302-45)

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This is a VIP-event with a limitation of 150 participants from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Poland - Invitations are sent personal.